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99.44% Pure Goddess / First I Must Sprinkle You With Fairy Dust...

13 July 1970
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I am Faerie. I am also, incidentally, a fairy.

I am a militant agnostic. I don't know, and you don't either! That said, I have also been called by Thor and I consider myself a Freyasdotter. Yes, I know that I'm completely fucking insane, why do you ask? *grin*

I am (as of this writing) in my thirties. I live in Colorado and rather like the climate and terrain here. I am a technical geek. I am tall and blonde. I am not attracted to "men" or "women", I am attracted to people — sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes people to whom neither term is sufficient. I love many people, and I have quite eclectic tastes in everything from music to food to sex.

amaltheae and fenton are my spouses. Our household varies; as of this writing it includes one housemate, five cats, five mice, an indeterminant number of guppies, a betta and a frog. We have had dogs, iguanas and furries in the house at times.

I am remarkably difficult to offend. It's possible, but generally it requires some effort. I consider most disagreements to be communication differences, and I usually actually enjoy working through communication patterns with someone, if they're willing to do the same. Alternatively, should you really wish to, you can argue that I and those I love do not deserve our lives or our health or our happiness; that will generally offend me.

I am a cynic and I have a very low view of humanity in general. That said, I am also somewhat of a sucker in that I allow myself to trust fairly easily, even knowing that it'll get me hurt more often than not. Standing Outside The Fire comes to mind.

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Note to self: The moods script appears to be gone. Go email the guy who had it and see if you can work something out. (For my later amusement sometime in, oh, 2007, this note to self was added on 2005-06-14.)

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