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Ys [userpic]
On the looming shutdown

This pretty much sums up my opinion.

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

That's oversimplifying it a bit - they also had a clause in there that would defund the health care bill or severely undermine it. They knew Obama wasn't going to pass it for that reason alone, much less the Planned Parenthood (which was so ridiculously disengenuous it was painful - there's already legislation in place that blocks federal funding for abortion). At this point, both sides are fuck all as far as the budget goes since none of the issues they actually tackled would take a serious bite out of the massive deficit.

I don't feel that's quite true, much the same way I feel like the compromise (hey! let's shut down stuff in DC!) accurately represents the Republican bias against African-Americans and poor people, which similarly clearly exists.

A lot of the GOP doesn't especially hate women, but this situation like this is a no-lose thing for the entire party; they get to appear like they're standing up for their "pro-life" and "small-government" constituents while making Obama's administration look like the bad guys for nearly stopping budget talks. How could any ethically bankrupt person with no actual loyalty to their country as a community, possibly resist such an opportunity? I do realize that isn't better than accusing them of being misogynistic bigot scum.