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Ys [userpic]
Streaks in my hair

A couple of pictures of the new hair coloring (and recent cut). It came out subtler than I originally intended, but I like it.

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Current Mood: pleasedpleased


You don't like anything like I pictured.

Ha! What did you picture? I only look like an anime girl when I cosplay.

Short and dark haired for some reason.

You look great!

Nice! I actually like the more subtle reds.

Quite lovely!

D'aw, so purty!

I don't think I ever saw what you look like, before. :)

Looks nice!

Very pretty!

Very nice!
(And it's good to 'see' you!)

Cutie cute cute! I'm sorry I didn't make it up today. We went on a flash kayak trip and I just got in a half hour ago.

That is *very* lovely! I love how subtle it is, kind of like one isn't sure whether or not they're actually there! It definitely pulls folks back for a second look! :)

Why, hello, Kitty! *wink wink*

I love the streaks! Very "I've been rollicking around and I've gotten lots of nice sun and I'm carefree."