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Ys [userpic]
Easily amused

So, my browser's title bar is (as it generally is when you read email in okcupid) "OKCupid.com: An intimate message".

The subject is "Missed IM messages". The contents of the message?

theferrett: *snerk*

theferrett: I know that feeling. :)

theferrett: Well, not the cock, but still. :)
(Posted with theferrett's permission, I might add...)

Current Mood: amusedamused


Hi, this is coming out of left field, but I see you're still active on LJ...

Is anyone still updating LJArchive? If not, could someone else be added as a maintainer of the community and a developer on the sourceforge project? There are several people in the community now who are still helping people with bugfixes and stuff, and I've been recompiling the app with the fixes, but it would be nice if we could host the patches on sourceforge and have someone regularly maintaining the community.

You can reach me on AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk via shifuimam, or send me a message here through LJ. Thanks!!