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Ys [userpic]
Drop me a line.

I've not been really keeping up with LJ lately, and I haven't been posting, and so I have hardly any LJ comments in my inbox. Drop me a comment, tell me something, ask me something, whatever. Nothing is off limits. Randomness is good.

Also, should I do another round of Ask The Faeries?

Current Mood: busybusy

When considering tails, synthetic or natural? Why?

Hrm. Assuming you mean what I think you mean, I'd be inclined to go for synthetic most of the time for reasons of cost.

That said, one really well done natural one would probably be worth it.

If cost were not a restriction, what type of natural fiber would you choose? Is there a particular reason for it, even if that reason is an emotional fondness?

I have learned that when I ask my nav system in my car to find me a specific store, I need to check the first two or three results to find out which is the closest time-wise, regardless of the listed distance. Far too often, the first choice by distance is twice as far by time than the second or third choice. Silly nav system.

When I curse at it and tell it that it is a bad and misleading nav system, it lies about which side of the street the stores are on, just for revenge.

Heh. Tricksy GPSes! Ours is more subtle but similarly mischievous sometimes.

What is your opinion of chicken pot pies?

Good ones are quite tasty, though I prefer turkey to chicken.

Turkey is good. You ever had turkey/rosemary-infused bacon?

I have not. It sounds interesting.

iMage and Silkie on TooMUSH apparently do a big Thanksgiving feed every year and one of the featured thingies is rosemary-infused bacon cooked with the turkey and periodically taken out and swapped for fresh bacon. I haven't had it, needless to say, but everyone who has says it's intense.

Already voted!


caw caw caw kee-wonk wonkawonka caw! (splat) flapflapflap

*low growl*


Haven't spoken to you and yours in a while, but figured I'd say hi real quick, and hope all is well. Take care, and tell everyone hi for me, please?


Hi! Will do.

Do you ever think about me?

Once in a while, yes. I don't get to interact with you much these days.

Indeed! A pity, that. However, I see that you are chat-enabled in various forms. I shall add you to my friend list on Adium forthwith!

Will you please shoot me in the face?

I'm so fucking tired.

No, I don't do face-shooting.

I'll cuddle with you on the couch, though. And pet your head, and let you fall asleep in front of a good movie you've seen enough times that you don't mind missing the end. And then carry you to bed and tuck you in.

:( But I need a face shooting. I really, really hate being temp-mom and it goes on until the 21st.

(Also, I don't think you could carry me. Lols.)

My offspring adores your mood icons. You clearly need to post more so she can see more, though I suppose I shan't ask you for enough mood swings to get the full set. :o)

Have you ... signed up for Yuletide yet? If not, are you going to?

Baby is moving a lot today.

In other news, I've been a bad girl and need correcting. :D

And work is going really well.


Preferred brand of motorcycles - which one? Why? Please include a 500 word essay arguing your position.

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