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Ys [userpic]
McCain / Leiberman?

Veeeeery interesting: http://elfs.livejournal.com/905021.html

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I hope so, because I don't think anyone with a brain can see Lieberman as anything but a poisonous reptile.

he keeps winning in CT. He makes up his own party, but he wins anyway...

personally, i can't stand him.

I'd be really shocked if he won again.

Then again, I voted for the other guy.

The key phrase is "with a brain."

This is unsourced, but there are interesting possible data points here.

(See icon)


The subject here and the journal you linked to made me momentarily afraid you were linking me to McCain/Leibermin slashfic.


The reporter watched all goggle-eyed from the cage beside the bed, saying, "Good sir, good sir, isn't that disrespectful to his service?"

"We were forced to it by the Democrats," reframed one lover; but the other only grunted, harshly, "Bomb, bomb, bomb," in rhythm with his deeds.

I agree with the person who commented on that thread that the ad is probably related to Lieberman's stated support of McCain, not a McCain/Lieberman ticket.

Lieberman almost makes me ashamed to be Jewish. I'd love to see a Jew be elected president or VP, just not this asshat.