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Ys [userpic]

So who's going to Worldcon in a little over a week? I'm thinking I can't pass up a Worldcon that's literally a block away from where I work.

Current Mood: calmcalm

We were going, but, well, you know. :(


That would be a 'no' for me. I'm spending next week at a resort in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, the same resort that "Dirty Dancing" was filmed at. My parents are continuing their fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration there and I'm expected to attend.

I assume you'll be wearing the Princess Leia outfit?

If I had one, I'd totally wear it.

What I want is an Agatha Heterodyne outfit, but there's no way I can get one of those together in a week. *sad*

I am shocked. SHOCKED. How could you of all people not own a Princess Leia outfit?

You have a floaty white blouse. You have at least one long brown skirt. I KNOW you have good, heavy boots. You need: costume specs and a tight brown vest and a toolbelt (which I'm betting you ALSO have). You could probably even get a trilobyte pin from GG.net if you don't already have one...

You can totally do Agatha in a week!
(Send pics when you do!)

Okay, so you've inspired me to give info to Amy to see what she can come up with. *grin*

I want to. I even was a paid early supporter. But airfares this time of year run 600 pounds minimum, which is just too expensive. (I started hunting a year ago, and I'm generally good at finding bargains. But it's the school holidays, the only time I can travel, of course, and fares are jacked up then as this is the only time the entire country's schools are out.) :(

Travelling during school holidays in February or April is half the price. :(

I *wish*... st00pid money.