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May 2011
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Facebook games

So, I'm playing this silly game on Facebook called Knighthood. And, of course, I'm looking for vassals.

If you have a Facebook account and don't mind doing me a favor, just add me and I'll confirm you and then send you an invite to the game. (If you already had a facebook account and someone else has already invited you and you haven't accepted, you'll have to wait until that invite expires and I'll try to re-invite you, so that you can join me instead.) Accept the invite and run through the little tutorial (takes maybe 10 minutes) and register your email to get a Steward. That'll make you power 21 with 1150 gold. If you don't want to play the game, just send me your gold. If you do want to play the game, read this getting started document (which is a little out of date, they've changed how TAS is calculated and exactly how you start fighting, but it's a good primer for how to play defensively and not get reamed, anyway) and it'll help tell you how to spend that money, and I'm happy to help with coordination and strategy.

You can also just create a basic Facebook account and add me, even if you don't particularly want to put much information on Facebook. I use mine primarily for contacting people I wouldn't otherwise find (like folks I went to high school with) and use LinkedIn for actual networking, but hey.

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You're on LinkedIn? So am I... ping me on the mush about it...

Heh, I thought you'd changed your last name! What happened to Parks?

My full name is actually Deborah Joanne Parks Hooker. I used Deb Parks for a while as a way to be not-quite-my-legal-name online.

(Parks is actually the name of a distant relative who always wanted kids and never had them; my parents decided it was a good tribute, and I kept that when I changed my name through a marriage and a divorce.)

Belated happy birthday!