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Ys [userpic]

[10:56] mediaempire101: Hello
[10:56] YsaFairy: Yes?
[10:57] mediaempire101: um whats up?
[10:57] YsaFairy: Nothing much, fixing defects and beating developers over the head with the obvious.
[10:57] mediaempire101: I im-ed you before, right
[10:57] YsaFairy: Not that I recall.
[10:57] mediaempire101: hmm
[10:58] mediaempire101: your on my bl
[10:58] YsaFairy: Perhaps you did and I just don't remember it.
[10:58] mediaempire101: are u on fanfiction or anime forum?
[10:59] YsaFairy: Certainly I read a lot of anime so I might well be.
[10:59] mediaempire101: writing a anime fanfiction at the moment
[10:59] mediaempire101: chobits
[11:00] YsaFairy: Ah, yes, I remember you.
[11:00] mediaempire101: ok
[11:00] mediaempire101: though I IM-ed u
[11:00] YsaFairy: You're the one trying to get people to tinysex you under the guise of helping write a story, right?
[11:00] mediaempire101: um
[11:01] mediaempire101: tinysex?
[11:01] YsaFairy: netsex, then.
[11:01] mediaempire101: no
[11:01] YsaFairy: Like phonesex, but over the net.
[11:01] mediaempire101: no
[11:01] mediaempire101: no, why do u think that?
[11:01] mediaempire101: srry, I think u misunderstood
[11:01] YsaFairy: I don't.
[11:01] mediaempire101: ok
[11:02] mediaempire101: well, I guess I'll just take u off my list
[11:02] mediaempire101: seeya


Current Mood: amusedamused

I think you are dating yourself with the phrase 'tinysex.' That is now only used by Old Farts Such as Us. Ah, internet, prematurely aging people since 1983 ....

P.S. Did you know that you are only three degrees of LJ separation from the Head Code Wizard of TinyFugue?

Hey Ysa, I'm writing a story and I need some help.

"Ysa walked in to her bed room and started removing her skin tight flight suit. Beneath was naught but _____________________________"

I just need you to fill in that blank for me, thanks! ;P

You think you're kidding. I can find the logs of the previous conversation somewhere around here, I think...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Really, you don't want to see them. The levels of lame are off the charts.

Whoa, this person got you too? He or She IM'd me a few weeks ago, and also my friend. It creeped us out...

5:17:30 PM mediaempire101: hello
5:17:47 PM K: Hello?
5:17:54 PM mediaempire101: your on my bl
5:17:57 PM mediaempire101: not 100% sure who u are
5:17:58 PM mediaempire101: srry
5:18:14 PM K: no idea either.
5:18:27 PM mediaempire101: on fanfiction or anime forum or politics forum?
5:19:29 PM mediaempire101: ?
5:20:01 PM mediaempire101: u there?
5:26:48 PM mediaempire101: ?
5:27:41 PM mediaempire101: hello?
5:27:57 PM K: I'm here, sorry. I don't know how I know you offhand, I'm sorry.
5:28:03 PM mediaempire101: don't be sorry
5:28:04 PM mediaempire101: I IM-ed u
5:28:17 PM mediaempire101: on any of those forums?
5:28:51 PM mediaempire101: do u like anime?
5:28:57 PM mediaempire101: or politics?
5:29:02 PM mediaempire101: or writing?
5:31:39 PM K: Politics and writing mostly. Anime isn't really my thing.
5:31:53 PM mediaempire101: politics are cool
5:31:55 PM mediaempire101: Bush sucks
5:31:58 PM mediaempire101: lol
5:32:15 PM mediaempire101: srry, don't know if your a Bush fan or not
5:32:53 PM K: nope, i'm definitely not.
5:33:02 PM mediaempire101: me neither
5:33:11 PM mediaempire101: writing a fanfiction at the moment
5:33:16 PM mediaempire101: if you like to write, u can help me on it
5:37:07 PM K: what kind of fanfiction?
5:37:16 PM mediaempire101: it's a anime
5:37:18 PM mediaempire101: chobits
5:37:45 PM mediaempire101: but if I explain the plot to u
5:37:50 PM mediaempire101: the writing can help
5:39:53 PM mediaempire101: it's about a future Tokyo were personal computers are also realistic robots
5:42:34 PM K: ahhh, unfortunately i am kind of busy right now, not sure if i can help you out :)
5:42:41 PM mediaempire101: np