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Ys [userpic]

ZOMG work is frustrating right now. We're working with a tool that cannot be tested in any sort of development environment, so we can't verify that things actually work the way we expect until we deploy into the test environment, which requires putting in a install request and waiting. I can verify that the system is doing what I think it should now be doing, but I can't test that that actually works with the undocumented weirdnesses of the tool until we deploy into test and try it there.

When you have a code-compile-build-test cycle that's on the order of a day long, it's incredibly hard to get anything fixed. (Builds into test have to go through a fairly rigorous process and are installed by a different group, when they get to our install request in their queue.)

And apparently it's been on the schedule for about two years now to move off this tool onto something saner, but no funding is available to do so. Last I heard the earliest we might see any migration was still "next year".

(The code-compile-build-test cycle being a day is really the least of the problems with this tool, by the way.)


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In other words, Same ol Same ol, right?