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Ys [userpic]

I feel very, very well used.

I expect to be quite sore tomorrow.

I rather like having two guys in my life.

Yes, these are all related statements. *grin*

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zomg :)

It raises so many questions and leaves me nothing but my imagination to fill in the details.

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It is nothing like that at all. You don't know my imagination. I have visions of rather details, explicit, and violent threesomes running in my head. And the details my mind is making up. . . it is very distracting.

well, good on you!

Excellent. Very glad to see things working that well for you.

I used to like having two partners, but I have no intention of going back there from where I am now, because it would involve breaking up with far too many people.

mmmmmm... that's the Best kind of sore that a woman could hope for. *grin*

Hmmmm. Definitely lacking in details.

I *insist* that you remedy this.


BTW, gonna be out your way the 3rd week of April. I'll make the arrogant assumption that you actually want to see us, and coordinate with J for dinner and/or hanging out and/or other visiting foo.

Oh my.

Yay! :)

Like I said... you have the coolest toys!

*lick* Glad you're sated love.