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Ys [userpic]

If you know anything at all about horses or dressage, or ponyplay, then watch this video. It is worksafe, assuming that dancing horses isn't somehow verboten.

I have seen a lot of dressage. This is not dressage. It is horse dancing. Buh.

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I have never seen a domesticated horse so happy to be doing something. Ever.

You really should watch the Lippizaners then, if you ever get the chance! They are awesome, and are often referred to as the dancing horses. I saw them 30 some odd years ago, and I was blown away then, and want to go and see them again, when I get the chance.

Dancing of this sort has a long, long history. Very lovely.

Musical Freestlye Dressage rocks my happy little socks off. It is Hard, Hard Work, but it is so much fun. I was running the music at a musical freestyle clinic, and we were cycling through a little bit of everything. I played a Celtic piece by Homespun Ceilidh Band (first track off their first album) and one of the riders hated it... but her horse loved it and was bebopping his head along with the music, stepping in time... it was hilarious. One of the other horses in the clinic is known to adore polkas, but I didn't get a chance to play her an Irish polka. ;)

I love the equine sense of humor, especially when it does not downgrade to cheap, stupid tricks. (Like "squish the human against the wall and listen to them scream! it's funny!!")

That just had me completely floored, through the whole video. I thought at first that someone had cut the music into the vid, but when I realized that the routine was *set* to that music....

A fellow Superhawk owner in Denver.. curious. Haven't done too many mods. Windscreen, down a tooth in the front, Michelin C2T tires, EK 530ZZZ chain, clear lens turn signals, 80/80 PIAA headlight, painted radiator covers (first red, but that stunk, now gold), Henry Hawk decal (adds 5Hp), K&N, bike alarm, .. oh.. I guess that is a few mods. ;p


I enjoy your blog.

Ha! I was just reading a post by you on SuperhawkForum and thinking, "Hey, another Superchicken owner close by!"