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Submitted for your disturbance without comment.

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If I were asked to write something to discredit an idea through backing it, this is the kind of thing I would write. Only I think I'd do a better job. And I would hope that a disinformation agent writing as a burned-out ex-hippie pretending to be a former covert agent would do a much better job of it than this.

I mean, hopping christ on a pogo stick, "through the looking glass" analogies? That's 10 years too late for parody.

The website contact, David DeGraw, appears to show up via Indymedia circa 2004, particularly associated with a video called "Weapons of Mass Distraction." He's also an AlterNet writer, which is not reassuring given my experiences with fact-checking their data. The book's presumptively pseudonymous author is "David Vincent," which is the name of the bassist for the deathmetal band Morbid Angel.

So my "most likely" take-away is that it's someone hoping to cash in, say, someone on the level of, I dunno, a Richard Sutphen, trying to make a quick buck on current political reality.

A sound course of action, surrounded by horse-shit.

Yea, those 7 things need to happen, but the rest.. jeez, try to sell those things with rational argument, not sparkley unicorns.

Since I worked with "PsyOps" personnel, I can guarantee this guy is full of it.