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Spam of the day

"Smart People Buy Pi"

Where exactly does one buy Pi? Can one also buy E there?

Current Mood: amusedamused

Obviously, they just forgot the e. "Smart People Buy Pie" makes all KINDS of sense. Especially if it's pumpkin. Mmm, pie.

We can only dream of a day when we will be able to buy i.

There is a maths store on 3rd St., they had Pi and e in stock last time I was in there, but i was backordered.

Did you neglect to buy a site license for the natural numbers? -- The Cube

Some have hypothesized that a "full" expansion of Π would contain all possible finite bit sequences. So anytime you buy any digital data you're buying a slice of Π.

I'd love to find a place that carries both pi and e. There are times when I can't afford pi and would need e instead. But, if I have the extra quarter in my pocket, I'll usually splurge and get the pi.

Although I must say I like the idea of getting both pi and e so I can have pie.

So, you can have pecan pie, or you can have 3.14 x Ecstasy, and it'll have the same effect?

...to how many digits? And is the cost flat, or per digit?

Actually, I'll take a real-world (non-imaginary) √-1. Two if they have them.