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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

Okay, so I said my interests were too pedestrian and lame to be worth the interests meme, but naamah_darling said:

Xxxenophiles, hail Il Palazzo, Kragar's mysterious history (I am so jazzed you have that as an interest I could split), 09f911029d74e35bd84156c5635688c0, motorcycles, bosnian lesbian pirate cult (that just sounds fabulous, whatever it is), and won't-somebody-please-think-of-the-children?!?
So I guess I have to.
Xxxenophile is an adult comic book written and drawn by the inestimable Phil Foglio. If you've ever seen anything by Phil, imagine his sense of humor mixed with sex. Mostly not terribly explicit, but enough. Vibrator Repairman and The Adventures of Orgasm Lass and some of the shorts and yeah. One of my favorite comic series ever. Yes, I have the whole series.
Hail Il Palazzo
Excel Saga. Who doesn't want to hail Il Palazzo? Il Palazzo is watching you!

Trust me, if you haven't seen Excel Saga, I cannot possibly describe it for you, and if you have, well then you know what I'm talking about.
Kragar's Mysterious History
I'm totally a sucker for the Jhereg books. If you haven't read them...there's a character named Kragar who is good friends with the main character. He is an enigma in many, many ways. I actually saw this interest on someone else's LJ (I no longer remember who) and practically yelled out loud, "Yes! I need that one!" So I added it.
The HD-DVD decryption key. It got discovered and Dugg, and then Digg took the post down at the behest of the movie industry. So people started posting and Digging it everywhere so that it'd be in so many places...

Remember, folks, you can't unpee in the pool, and nothing posted on the Internet ever goes away.
I love them. I've had this interest in my profile since I started my LJ way back when. I've got well over 100k miles on motorcycles. I've ridden off-road and on-road. I currently own a 2000 Honda Superhawk, which I've done some performance upgrades on. I love it in ways women were only meant to love their vibrators. And its ergonomics really suck for me, even though they're much better now than when I started on it. I may have to trade it in for something less painful to ride. Unfortunately, that's probably also less fun to ride. So I still have it.
Bosnian Lesbian Pirate Cult
This is totally sensational's fault.
I hate this battle cry. Hate it with a deep, burning passion. Because it's always said by people who aren't really thinking of the children, they're justifying their beliefs with "but it's for the children!"

Fuck you for using kids to bolster your shaky belief system.

Er...I mean...yeah. I don't like it. Thus the sarcastic tone and extra punctuation.

So, um, if you ask me to, I may or may not pick interests from your list to have you tell me about them. Depends on what inspires me.

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Sure, I'll play. Pick away, or not, and I'll answer.

You might take a look at the VFR800s if you decide to ditch the Superchicken. I'm 6'2" and the ergos on mine have suited me well for 30K+ miles. Some Heli-bars would make it absurdly comfortable, but the Sargent seat was sufficient for me, and with suspension mods it'll take on all comers in the canyons. You're welcome to try mine any time.

Searching for the numinous, haruki murakami, john mcphee, monkeywrenching, slot canyons, violent weather, dumpster diving.

And I'd definitely like to take you up on that. A friend's VFR750 was pretty uncomfortable some years back, but the VFR800 has a somewhat different geometry. I'm suspecting I ought to go with an FJ or a ZX-12, but I'm open to anything. The Superchicken was a chance discovery. And like I said, I love the bike, I just don't love the hurting when I'm done riding. I've done 13 hour days on my VF1000F, but two hours on the Superchicken and I hurt in lots of places, and that's with bar risers and a Sargent seat.

The only riding I've done on a VTR was on the race track, so I can't really compare them. I've done a few 1K mile days and a 500mi/1500mi back-to-back set on the VFR, and while I was sore afterwards it definitely wasn't crippling. I seem to do well with the moto-yoga though - my race bike of the moment is an RS125, which is smaller and lighter than I am.

The thing that cracked my shit up about the Xxxenophile stuff is that Phil Foglio's art is just about as goofy and cute as it comes, and then there's, like, these giant centaur schlongs or alien dicks, or, yeah, the vibrator repairman, and . . . it's just an inherently hilarious combination.

Excel Saga was hugely fun, from what I remember. Sadly, I seem to have dumped most of that year, so I remember very little.

Kragar is awesome. 'Nuff said.

Have you read the Phil Foglio Stanley and his Monster series? It's a four (I think) part comic that's completely innocent, except that it has all the innuendo of four issues of XXXenophile packed into it. Seriously. If you haven't seen it, find it.

The unaired final episode of Excel Saga is terrifying. The second-to-the-last actually wraps everything up, and then the last one was designed to offend every censor in every country everywhere.

Kragar is awesome indeed.

Makes me wanna poll

I used to think I was one of the few people who actually preferred Kragar, as a sidekick to Vlad, over Loiosh.

Now I'm not so sure.

Now if only someone would start a Daymar fanclub. I'm so there.

Re: Makes me wanna poll

Do I have to pick one or the other?

(I had a pair of iguanas a few years back named Loiosh and Rocza.)

...With the exception of never having read Xxxenophile, there's not a single point I disagree with you on here. Not one. (Okay, well, I have no idea what the Bosnian Lesbian Pirate Cult is, but it sounds awesome all on it's own.)

So, yeah. Feel free to try and pick, but I suspect my listed interests are too few and too generic. :) One of these days, I totally need to fix that...

Yeah, um, you need a few more interests, at the very least. *grin*

On the list of things to do! It's... just a very long list.

It also occurs to me...

...that I should dig up my xxxenophile game cards, and send them to you.

Now there's a card game you won't see being played at the public gaming tables of your local gaming store. Woot.

Re: It also occurs to me...

I would love more XXXenophile cards. Seriously. Just tell me when you need a mailing address. *grin*

True story

So, there I was, standing in front of Mr. Foglio and his lovely wife (who was pimping her 'Girl Genious' series). Beside me was a very large fellow, who was relating how he not only learned to draw from copying Phil's 'mrrf' dragon, but had all of his characters based on Foglio-ities. I was looking for a couple copies of Xxxenophiles I didn't have yet, and picked up one to skim through it. Upon finding a rather pleasant piece with an alien, his/her boyfriend and the boyfriend's ex, I showed it to the fanboy.
"Whatcha think of that?" says I. The fanboy turned bright, bright red, muttered something under his breath and waddled away. Mr. Foglio reached out, snatched the comic from my hand, signed it and handed it back.
"Thanks," said he.
Just thought I'd share.

Re: True story

That is made of win.

(And I'm fairly sure I know which issue you mean.)