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Ys [userpic]

Edgy fanart? LJ says, No!

Advocating child abuse? LJ says, Don't read it if it offends you.

Current Mood: distresseddisturbed

And guess which one is opposed by big business and which one is supported?

Uh, hey. I decided to add you because you caught my eye with some of your comments and I checked out your userinfo and the links in there and you seem pretty cool.

Thanks! I friended you back, though I haven't written much friendslocked lately.

So which comments caught your eye? Now I'm curious. *grin*

I was tracking this post and saw you comment there. The comment that initially started me off with paying attention (rather than my usual skimming) was the one that had My very existence is anathema to most of those folks. in. That seemed interesting.

Heh. Yeah, I think most of that thread is people responding to the inflammatory parts of what I said rather than reading all of it.

This post (and possibly this post) will probably explain why I made the anathema comment.

Thank you for the links. *reading through them now*