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Ys [userpic]

Bill Moyers's opinions on the Karl Rove Legacy.

Very nicely stated, doesn't pull any punches while still being civil enough that many folks who ought to hear this might be able to.

ETA: Via Christianists will make Martial Law fun and easy - other Sunday light reading, which is also worth a read.

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i love Bill Moyers. that is the quintessential Southern Liberal Gentleman: eloquent, educated, compassionate, able to deliver a bitch slap with a kid glove.


Damn. Negotiating differences is something clergymen should do - I wanted to be one at one point in my life - and who has the stones to say no, I won't compromise, to a priest? Potentially using clergymen to dismiss public concerns is really abusive and just plain low. It also assumes clergy who are the willing patsies of the Administration (or is that the other way around?).

As for the Moyers thing - eh. It is pretty appealing, but I still kinda feel like it's using the enemy's character assassination tactics (which, admittedly, work, and are true to a large extent here).

I heart Bill Moyers.