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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

http://sockkpuppett.livejournal.com/442646.html is an amazing work of brilliance.

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Wow! I never saw that movie, though I read the comic, but that video makes me very, very happy.

Hi...do i know you?

Not that I know of. I saw your comment in theferrett's post and was curious.

Hi, I'm Ysabel. Nice to meet you!

Hi there. i'll answer any questions you have, but please keep in mind it's just me answering, and not and entire community.

Don't worry, I wasn't expecting you to represent anyone but yourself (and perhaps your Master).

I didn't mean I was curious about the community. I already know about the Gorean community (assuming that's the community to which you're referring). I meant I was curious about you.

i'm a classic for my generation; i don't keep jobs for more than two years, i stay at home, i write a lot of things and never finish, and i'm a jack of all trades without being a king of any.