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Ys [userpic]
The law is a ass.

This is why, at least until the laws are fixed in the U.S. and Canada, any fandom-friendly replacement for livejournal will have to be hosted outside the U.S. or Canada.

It's also why I, as a U.S. citizen, will never have an association with any such hosting entity other than as a provider of open-source software, which I help provide to anyone who wants it for any reason.

ETA: This essay, which is linked in the previous one, is also worth a read. It's a great commentary on the blindness in the Western eye that is very related to some of the stupidity about the laws here.

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Or Britain or the EU or...
...actually, just about every nation under the sun which has intellectual property law.

Pretty much, though the intellectual property law is not nearly as problematic to deal with as the obscenity/child pornography crap.

Honestly, were it just the intellectual property stuff, it's really easy to deal with in the U.S. because the DMCA basically specifically exempts hosting providers if they follow certain easily-dealt-with rules, and if you understand that, it's very easy to give your hosting service plausible deniability for pretty much everything.

The kiddypr0n stuff is hardest to deal with in the US (and Canada), that's unquestionably true. I just went with the first essay you linked, which is one I linked as well, a week or so back. ;)

I'm annoyed that "fandom" is becoming conflated with "slash fiction" and similar interests.

The laws are in place to protect children. Yes, it does make quite a bit of Manga and Anime illegal (not just the obvious tentacle monster fare), but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

I suspect you remember just how rabid I am about genuine child abuse.

I just don't believe that "For the children!" as a rallying cry is usually really for the children. Because in my experience, it pretty much never is.

It isn't in this case, either.