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Ys [userpic]
Today's "bento"

Mexican "bento". Wild rice with cilantro and lime, whole wheat tortilla, veggies and salsa and sour cream and cheese, and carnitas.

Also the first use of my Mr. Bento thermos. V. cool.



i was so nice to meet you all on sat! how was roleplaying on sunday?? and thank you very much for bringing crow and her thirds to me!!

Sunday was very fun once the PCs started arriving. We were on course (late) at 9 am, but our first group didn't get to our encounter until after 12:30. Sitting in the heat, even with a canopy shading you, for three plus hours isn't much fun.

You're very welcome. Sorry I pooped out on y'all, I had a pretty good headache and eye-watery-itchy thing going on by the time I left.

ouch. sorry. it seemed to be a very low energy day. i was certainly sleepy most fot he day.

thanks for coming over though!

i was going to ask, Aaron was gonna ask, and we never did...what do you all do? i mean you know, for a living...

Joel and I are professional geeks (we both work for Qwest, he's a developer and I'm a systems engineer/architect) and Amy is an artist (among many other things). Amy's stopped doing shows since they were way more work than they were worth, and is sort of looking at other options, and trying to get us moved right now, mostly.

Oh, that looks good. Homemade? Maybe I should try cooking someday...

Leftovers from Friday night. Carnitas are dead simple to make with a crockpot and cheap too, and so very good.

Did you bring enough for everyone?

by everyone, I mean, especially musclegeek pumas. If you know any.

Not to work, but I have more at home...