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Ys [userpic]

Here's a great essay in reaction to the YouTube video of anti-abortion protesters reacting to being asked what the penalty for getting an illegal abortion should be.

The insight that these people are not getting that crime != sin is, IMHO, a significant one.

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I dunno... I mean, the anti-choice people did pretty much put themselves out there to be mouthpieces for their beliefs, but I kinda feel sorry for them being grilled. Ironically, because it reminds me too much of being harassed by Christians. It's weird to feel empathy for people who, I know very well, would have none for me.

That said, this is pretty much what you see in the idea of the Christian Nation and the ongoing debate over Queer rights. It is all good and well for Republicans to talk about these things, but eventually they would find someone who doesn't want to be Christian or straight. And then what would these fine upstanding Republicans do? The only logical answer is "re-educate those people with the finest brainwashing or electoshock treatment available, or kill them."

See, I don't particularly mind Christians asking me about my beliefs, or to answer a question which is fundamentally a part of what I am actively campaigning about. There is, at least to me, a fundamental difference between harassing someone because they disagree with you, and expecting them to apply basic critical thinking skills when they are advocating something that will dramatically affect the lives of millions of other people.

The problem wasn't that they answered "5 years", "1 month", "2 days", or any other particular value their belief system led them to think appropriate. The problem was that they fairly clearly *were not thinking about it at all*. There was no reason for penalties, because everyone would follow the law just because it said so.

But then, this really shouldn't be surprising, given that this group of people are, by and large, people who will do what they are told -- more or less *by definition*, in fact. So their utter inability to comprehend the concept of someone engaging in anything so alien as civil disobedience (much less any other form of disobedience) is hardly something that should be unexpected.