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Ys [userpic]

The Only Debate on Intelligent Design that is Worthy of its Subject.

I've so wanted to do exactly this, after exhausting myself trying to be reasonable.

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Excuse the randomness, but would you mind if I added you to my buddy list on AIM?

Not at all, that's why I've got it listed on my profile.

Just as a warning, I'm often connected to AIM but not connected to or sitting at the machine running Trillian, so if I don't reply it's unlikely that I'm ignoring you and more likely that I'm just not where I can see the IM at the time.


Actually, this reminds me of a handy- and less bloody- disproof of intelligent design.
So the hypothesis is that everything on earth is exactly as it always was, because that's how God made it.
If the human knee had been intelligently designed, it bears note, then the tendons that run alongside the kneecap would cross over it, affording far greater support to the patella, and reducing the chance of injury to the various moving parts therein.
The fact that the tendons instead run vertically along the knee means that they were originally designed with a four or three-legged stance 'in mind'. Does this mean God doesn't want us walking on two legs?

Re: Hehehehe

If God had meant us to go around naked, we would have been born that way!

I love it.

Aww....he only broke the one kneecap...

And the above poster is right. The human knee is manifestly not well designed for the job of supporting the human body.

Ask me how I know...I can show you the scars.