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Ask The Faeries

So, I particularly like haikujaguar's One Card Draws (her latest is here, if you want to peek). She has her own divination deck she calls the Balance Cards, and she's often quite insightful.

So, as an experiment (and sort of homage) I'm going to do something similar. I have the Brian Froud/Jessica Macbeth The Faeries' Oracle and the faeries are a lot of fun, though they do have a tendency to tell you what you already knew in a very mocking way sometimes.

First fifteen people to ask for a card will get one (or possibly more, if the faeries insist, but I guarantee at least one). I probably won't do all the actual readings tonight, so you may not get answers until sometime tomorrow, but I'll try to get them all by tomorrow evening. If you give me a question, I'll try to interpret with that in mind. If not, I'll be more general.

Be aware that this deck is really, really prone to poking fun at askers of questions, and I will not water down that tone at all. *grin* But it should be all in fun. Usually, anyway...

We'll see how this goes...

(haikujaguar, if you want one you can have one even if you're not in the first fifteen. Just ask. I have my doubts I can pull this off anywhere near as well as you do, but it seemed like a fun thing to try once, anyway. I hope you find this entertaining. I hope I find this entertaining. *grin*)

ETA: As of 10:30 pm my time, I've done 12, so there are 3 left. I'm going to go crash and will see if anyone else has asked in the morning. G'night.

ETA2: I have my last three questions, so this round is now closed. I probably won't get to those three readings until this evening, in case any of you three see this, but I will get to you.

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I'm game.....tell me if I am on the right path with going back to school in the medicinal field..


or if a writer is where I am meant to put my talents

Re: oopps

The Master Maker is a firm statement that you should do whatever you can do, and you should do it well. He is all about craftsmanship, and the love of one's craft. He is also very much into success through practical means, hard work, innovation and deep understanding of the field.

Personally, I interpret this to be answering your question with, "Whichever you pick, even if you pick both...do it well and put your heart into it." Which is a very fae answer in my experience. *smile*

Heh, why not...

What is the first step I must take to finding peace with myself? (Answers like "truly forgive yourself/others" or "find your center" do not help becuase they fall under the same category of Things I Do Not Do Know How To DO and therefore need explicit instructions on how to start.)

And yeh, I fully expect a snarky answer like "drink bleach" or "go play chicken with a train" ;)

Actually, a fairly serious answer for this one. The Faun. To quote an interesting bit:

The merry, irrepressable Faun, dancing in the garden, frolicking in the woods, playing in the meadows, sings out, "Come, dance with me!"
The Faun is all about nature and natural magic. As a specific answer to your question: spend some time outdoors. Go wander about in the hills, or plant a garden, or ponder a forest, or something like that. Spend some time with the Faun appreciating nature and natural processes, and let him help you see the connection to the natural processes that make up who you are.

If it's all right with you, I'd like one, please. :)

I don't have any specific questions in mind, however. It's been too odd a day.

The Pook is a shape changer who is about both paradoxes and, paradoxically, their resolution. Whatever it is that's befuddling you, you have the information necessary to see through the mist and understand if you can stop letting your thoughts get in the way and just think. The Pook is very Zen, and his insights tend to be epiphanies.

All right, I'm game, too. But no question. Let's see if the faeries can figure out what I want to know.

The Singer of Intuition, standing on its head, says to me that you are not feeling connected to things around you, that you are struggling with being able to listen to the subtle patterns and make sense of them. When the song of intuition is obscured, the trick is to learn how to shut up, to stop the internal noise and just listen.

OK, I'm in. I want to see what you get blind reading. ;)

Honesty is also sometimes known as Unshoe-the-Horse for his habit of unshoeing horses who trod on him. He sees you just as you are and loves you for it.

His presence is a firm statement that complete honesty and clarity is necessary right now. Assumptions will bite you in the butt. He also wants to remind you that honesty does not mean cruelty; it's possible to be honest without being brutal. It's not always easy to walk the line between deception on one hand and cruelty on the other, but it's worth the effort.

Hmm...I'm the first to ask a silly relationship question! How are things with me and the girl I like going to work out?

Two cards, since I wasn't sure what to make of the first.

First is Solus, who is a helper-of-understanding. He speaks of new beginnings, useful effort, and action.

Next is the Bodacious Bodach, who is a classic meddler. The sort who always means well (or at least claims to) but often screws things up worse by his meddling. However, he's standing on his head this evening, which is a reminder that even the worst meddlers sometimes get things right despite themselves, and it's good karma to thank them when they do.

I'm not sure if that's useful at all, but there you go.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The Fee Lion is the faerie who makes sure we know that we didn't get that done, that we should be doing something important, and why are we playing around on livejournal when we have all this work to do? However, today he's flipped upside down, which is often more a reminder that not all guilty feelings are appropriate. The Fee Lion really wants to do the fun things with you with a clear conscience, and so he particularly doesn't want you to be taking on obligations that aren't yours. Nagging you about the ones that are yours is more than enough work for him already.


Yes, please!

Re: Hmmm....

The UnDressing of a Salad is all about balance, in more than one sense of the word. In this card, Adroito (who is both the Faery of Doing Impossible Things and the Faery of Avoiding Extremes) is balancing way too many balls, and his friend Sally is intent on balancing herself as well.

You may feel like you have too many balls in the air, but a cool head will help you achieve the impossible. Power mixed with finesse, delicacy and flexibility are likely required...but are also within your capabilities if you can just refuse to let everything overwhelm you.

I am totally in on this.

Would it be a better idea to go for an MLA than an MBA?

The Friends, Faery Nuff and Laochan, are all about support and friendship. Generally, they are a sign that either you should look to your friends for help, or possibly that now is a good time to help your friends and stumble across answers that way.

Usually, that sort of apparently completely unrelated response to a question means "you're asking the wrong question", so I poked at that a bit, and Geeeeeooo the Slooow counsels patience. Geeeeeooo generally is trying to say that you're trying to rush something, that whatever it is is part of a long process that cannot be hurried, as much as you'd like it to be.

Me please! :)

A Collective of Pixies speak of joyful attendance to duty. Pixies gotta dance, or the flowers don't bloom and the trees don't root and nothing works the way it should, and so they dance, but they love the dance while they do it.

Tonight they're turned upside down, and when pixies don't have enough to do, they get into mischief. Make sure everyone knows what they're supposed to do and has enough to do without feeling overloaded, and if anyone is not finding the joy that can be found in doing what needs to be done, try to help them find it.

*laugh!* You are brave! I have no question at this time (and I'm somewhat leery of faerie answers as it is...!), so I will sit this one out. But you seem to be doing most excellently. :)

Hee. Oh, they're rarely misleading to me, but I am fairly fae myself and so their circumlocutions make sense to me.

If I do another one, I'll let you know in case you want me to draw one for you then. The Bodach says I better not meddle and give you one now even though you said you'd sit it out. *grin*

Ooh! Me!
Interpret however you will. :)

The Lady of the Harvest speaks of loss, regret and grief, but also of completion and release. Release and liberation can be painful but also can be joyful; cry when you need to, but don't let that dampen the joy. Acknowledge all of what you feel, and let yourself move on.

Me! Me me me me me!

Unless it's a bad idea. But you know what it's about. Muah SEKRIT

Re: Me! Me me me me me!

She of the Cruach is the Great Goddess, the feminine principle, nurturing and fertility. She is the source of all potential, creation and healing. In this context, I think She's trying to tell you that growing something takes time and nurturing. She speaks of unconditional receiving, of love and of making the best of what we are offered at the pace we are offered it. I also think she's tempering the other card I got for you, which is a very good thing...

Epona's Wild Daughter is the sphinx, the asker of riddles that must be answered or else. Her lessons are all about our shadows -- our fears and insecurities, and she is not afraid of a little tough love to get the point across. She gives out the harshest tests which end up with some of the greatest gains, if you survive it. To quote:

Dorcha reminds us that we cannot go forward until we have faced something buried within us that is holding us back. Her presence in a reading tells us that finding and working through this is a task of some urgency. We can expect help in this from other people, from the faeries, and from our dreams, but we must be open to these difficult questions and answers and be ready to face things about ourselves that are not as we would wish them to be.
There's more, but you get the gist.

The short answer to your question, from these? Is "No, but..."

Hm. I do not have a particular question in mind...or rather I have too many. I would be curious what you find, though.

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