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Ys [userpic]

Back from lunch. Been reading more reports. People are saying "zombies". Honestly, I work for the phone company...it's hard to tell whether anyone here would be affected by that. A little more credible is the report that I've seen in two places now about a necrotizing bug of some sort (virus? bacteria? I haven't found the official CDC report yet, still looking for that)...

However, while out, I saw a lot more military vehicles than the usual one or two I might see on any day, I watched two cars hit each other in an intersection and both drivers just got out and wandered away, and I heard more sirens than usual. But lots of the city is still seeming pretty normal, if a little less busy than usual. Maybe it's just panic.

Then again, I'm not looking forward to trying to ride the bus home, even if it's just a mass hysteria thing. Maybe it's just happening slower here than on the coasts. Maybe Amy will be willing to drive down and pick me up.

Maybe we should go visit my stepdad up in the mountains this evening...

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well its about damn time. You got your shotgun, right?

Unfortunately, I hate shotguns personally. I'll have my glock once I get home, and my stepdad has several weapons. I'm thinking I'll bring all of the swords we have (several Japanese swords and a broadsword). All of the swords will do in a pinch and I'm decent with them. I'm a crack shot with the Glock but somehow I don't think it'll do much good.

Definitely not looking forward to trying to get home. Even if it does seem calmer here than elsewhere in the country.

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