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Ys [userpic]

Can't see anything from here, though we've looked out all the windows. I have to wonder if that's smoke over there or not. If so, maybe there's a good-sized fire in one of the major buildings, slightly more central to downtown, and that's what's up.

I've seen a few other disturbing posts on my friends list, but none of them are local to me, so it seems unlikely to be related.

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cat macro.

oh damn, wrong journal. ;)

We didn't lose lights, up on the 11th floor.

Don't know what's up, but then, I only noticed the sirens just before they stopped. One of the hazards of growing up in tornado country -- you learn to ignore them at any time that it isn't storming, because they test them on a very regular basis.

The news doesn't list anything much -- yesterday's F.B.I. exposure to a 'suspicious package' being cleared of the quarantine, and the Aurora P.D. S.W.A.T. unit doing some training exercises at a couple of schools.


I'm pretty sure we don't HAVE civil defense sirens up here. In case of emergency, we just have to hope the radio is on, I suppose.