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Ys [userpic]

So, the manual install request also fell out. Or rather, was explicitly rejected. For being "out of process". Yes, that's what the comment rejecting the order said. Never mind that it was a manual expedite and thus being out of process was sort of the whole point.

After some more work on Monday morning (no one who could actually solve the problem was in the office until Monday morning) we have low-level DSL signal at the new house, as of about 10 am Monday. Of course, it's with the wrong ISP, so we still don't have an actual net connection. The change order for getting us on the right ISP is due on Friday, but they're trying to get it done faster. Hopefully that won't generate yet another rejection for being out of process...

(Yes, I'll be writing up the whole thing with timelines and commentary about helpful and not-so-helpful people and emailing it to someone very high up who has asked for exactly these sorts of stories. And noting that if I weren't as knowledgable as I am about the technologies underneath and the actual systems in the order flow, being an employee myself, it would have taken a lot longer to get this resolved.)

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