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Ys [userpic]

Also, I cannot for the life of me correctly spell the word "separate". I am very careful about spelling and I generally do not have trouble with spelling these days, but I want to spell "separate" "seperate" every damn time.

I usually catch it on review, even when I'm not using a spellchecker, but my fingers will not type it correctly.

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I tend to have trouble with internal vowels and internal double consonants (corespondance</strike> correspondance</strike> correspondence?). 'Separate' I finally figured out for good (having previously merely locked onto the fact that I tend to get it wrong, but rarely remembering what was correct) after someone in Making Light's Spelling Demonology thread said that you just have to remember that it has a rat in the middle of it (hence icon).

... although that doesn't mean I get my HTML tags right all the time. *sigh*

So do I. I also stumble over "occasional" just about every time, for some reason.

my seventh grade English teacher got me all set with "just remember, there's 'a rat' in "separate." It makes no sense, but it works...

That's how I remember it.

Note that there's a "rat" in my usual misspelling, though.

But it isn't just "rat," it's "A rat."

Note that there's a "rat" in my usual misspelling, though.

Heh. The reason I know it is because I practically memorized all the Little House books when I was a kid, and in one of them (I think "Little Town on the Prairie") Miss Wilder was a bitch to Carrie and made her go to the board and write "separate" and "exasperate" on the board, correctly, fifty times each.

So I know how to spell those two words :D

I learned it as "Never separate a rat". I have no idea what it means, but it does make me remember that there is 'a rat' in it.

Note that there's a "rat" in my usual misspelling, though.

But there's not "a rat"!

True, but then I'd just be fretting about whether it's a "rat" or "a rat" and that's not hugely better than what I struggle with now. *grin*

I consistantly spell episode as "epsidoe" when my fingers are working faster than my brain. And it took me forever to figure out "maintenance" and "definitely", but T9 text input on cell phones is good for making you figure out how to spell words you weren't completely sure on before.

The English languages laughs at us with "separate" and "desperate". When I worked as the Opinion Editor for my campus newspaper, it NEVER failed that someone would manage to screw one of two words up any time they used it in an article.