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Ys [userpic]

So, the "install DSL" portion of my transfer service from old address to new address order fell out ("fall out" is a technical term meaning "requires manual intervention"). Which means they didn't install the DSL line yesterday when they transferred my service.

Which wouldn't have been a huge problem, except that a) they didn't tell me this and b) the "disconnect DSL" portion of my transfer service order did not fall out.

So, yeah, no net connection at either house.

I spent an hour and a half on the phone with three separate reps this morning. Finally the last one found a manager who was able to tell me what had actually happened, and also get a manual install order in place that they think they can get done today. So in theory sometime today I'll have net at the new house.

As an aside, it's very easy to confuse customer reps when you actually understand the underlying technology, and you work for the same company so you know all the systems they use and you know some of the idiosyncrasies they have to deal with already.

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Having worked on this selfsame technology, I'm willing to bet what happened is the address they entered for the work order on the new house didn't exactly match the address in the Teleco database. For very good reasons, they are paranoid about having exact matches. For -no- good reason, there's no flag set when this happens to bring it to the attention of an operator...so this is precisely what happens.

I used to advise people using DSL to get a second line at the new house, then call and explain that you misunderstood how to have the line moved.

Be glad you work for the company. Do you know the distance to your CO? Might be able to get more speed (or less...)