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Ys [userpic]

Here's what I need in hosting:

  • I'm a reseller, so I need some sort of reselling-service-allowed account.
  • I need it to handle IMAP-based email. Procmail is preferable but not absolutely required. Catching user-*@domain while still rejecting *@domain is required, as the majority of legitimate email for me these days comes in on an address that looks like that.
  • Obviously, I need multiple domains, since I'm reselling.
  • Access to a billing-tracking tool would be cool, but not absolutely required. But a big plus; I currently cannot bill my customers correctly and that's a big issue
  • Reliable service. Preferably on reliable/fault-tolerant hardware (mirroring, RAID, whatever). This shouldn't have to be stated IMHO, but I'm also realistic.
  • Ability to host PHP and MySQL required, ability to run Zope/Plone a big plus but not required.
  • I'm currently paying $85/month for the service I'm unhappy with. Less than that would be better.

Things I don't need include root access and the like. I currently have a dedicated server. I don't like the service I'm getting nor the price. I could do another dedicated server but I suspect I'll have the same problems, unless I'm willing to pay way more than I can justify. (I found a reputable dedicated server provider that could do all of what I wanted, and they wanted $350/month for it.)

There are several providers that provide most of what I want at a price I can justify (HostGator is damn close, but that user-*@domain email thing may be a dealkiller if I can't get them to support it). I haven't found one yet that is a definite win. I thought HostGator was worth trying, but I haven't yet either cancelled my account or called them to see if I can get what I need. I really need to do one of the two soon.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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WebFaction ?

Sounds like WebFaction (http://www.webfaction.com) is exactly what you need.
Now that Zettai has shutdown they're probably the biggest Plone host our there.