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Ys [userpic]

My Wacom tablet arrived today. It's the 12"x19" Intuous3. It's...HUGE.


Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Toyz gud.

You have a lot more desk space than I, mine has a smaller footprint out of necessity - though I did use the deduction on my taxes, as something I needed as a graphic artist. they are super good to have.


On the one hand, kittenpants once told me (when I was researching which tablet to get for my AutoCAD work) that anyone who needed something bigger than the 9"x6" was probably overly concerned about the size of their penis. On the other hand... well, I suspect that's not your particular issue :-)

I really like the combination of the high res and the big size. It means I have to make fairly big motions when drawing, effectively shrinking my art as I draw, which makes it much, much easier. I would say that drawing on this is no harder than drawing with pencil and paper.

Which isn't to say my pencils are any good yet, but hey.

Nice icon! =D

Yay Sumomo icons!

Now you can print your doodles on legal paper :-)

Maybe legal documents would be more enjoyable if clerks did marginal drawings like Irish monks did.