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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

naamah_darling makes a very cogent post.

omimouse replies:

May Kali Durga take them, every last one of them.

At this point, if someone professes themselves as 'pro-life', I will not tolerate them in my life. With this ruling; with this law, they have just made it abundantly clear that they think I deserve to die.

We're only a few laws away from me considering each and every one of them a direct threat to my life.
naamah_darling comes back with:
YES. Thank you for putting it that way.

That's why I don't tolerate that shit from people in my life, either. I have stopped speaking to people over it, and I don't feel any regret at all.

It's very real for me, considering that I can't use most birth control, and if I got knocked up, I'd be pretty much (pardon the pun) fucked, because my uterus is completely screwed up. Anyone who tells me that abortion is not okay has just told me that, hey, it's no big deal if I die in screaming agony from an ectopic pregnancy.

And those who say that they'd ever-so-graciously grant me an exception for my health are still patronizing fucks who deserve to have their colon filled with live electric eels.
I think this captures some things I feel right now very well. I understand that for some people it's a truly complex question...but in my experience the ones I know who struggle with it (and whom I respect for the struggle) are not the ones who can just smugly sum it up as "pro-life".

And at some point, showing no respect for the right to life of a thinking human being under the guise of respecting the supposed rights of an already dead fetus? Calling that pro-life is beyond hypocrisy, it's disgusting.

But, as naamah_darling so eloquently pointed out, what do I know? I'm a fucking animal.

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

I hate pro-lifers with a fucking passion.

When it's time to improve the educational system, are they pro-life then? When it's time to keep kids in uniform from dying for the greater glory of rich mens' portfolios, are they pro-life? How about when the same soldiers come back crippled or with PTSD? Where are the pro-lifers when it comes time to talk about health care? How about when it comes time to discuss the dignity and right to continued existence for all people regardless of whom we choose to screw or what deity we choose to worship - or deny, where are they then? Where are the same pro-lifers when it's time to talk about the greater environment?

Frankly, deciding anyone's right to an abortion is none of my damn business until such time as I miraculously develop a uterus and ovaries. So my dislike of these idiots - and the shit they insist on heaping on all of us at our communal expense - is that they're not really pro-life at all. They seem to believe that life ends after something leaves the womb. Then they don't give a crap about babies. All they care about is their sadistic false god, making sure there's plenty of girls to continue breeding, and making sure there's plenty of boys to continue dying in their damn wars.