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Ys [userpic]

Dahlia Lithwick has some good insight, well stated over at slate. And with no use of profanity. That alone is better than I could manage, plus her understanding of the context of the whole thing is really good.

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Good article.

Whatever would we do if we didn't have the government around to protect us from ourselves. Gee, I guess I don't even want choice at all if I might regret the ones I make later. Thank-You Mr. Justice! Can you walk me across the street now too? Pretty please?!

Meh, to say nothing of legislating from the bench.

I'm sorry, did that article really just say that a Supreme Court Justice of the USofA quoted a haiku in his majority opinion?

The article did say that (or, rather, said that he included a haiku, I'm not sure if it was quoted or something he wrote). I haven't read the opinion yet, but from what I've heard of it overall the idea that he included a haiku seems consistent.