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Ys [userpic]
And now for something completely different.

Last night, I put the new sockets and chain on the bike. This changes the final gear ratio from 16/41 to 15/43, giving me a lot more acceleration on a bike that's already a torque monster.

By the time I got all done last night it was dark and getting cold, so I waited until this evening after I got off work to go for a break-in ride, and then a little test ride.

Damn. I'm almost certain the bike will throttle wheelie comfortably in third gear. I bet I could get it to do so in fourth without too much trouble. I haven't tried yet to see what I can do as far as 0-60 mph time, but it's really impressive.

I also installed the new windscreen and a Speedohealer to compensate for the gearing change. I've roughly calibrated the speedometer and I need to borrow fenton's GPS and do a real test with that.

I really, really like this bike.

Hrm. And I do not have a motorcycle icon. Clearly I need to take a current pic of the Superchicken and iconify it. Clearly.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

hey, i know we don't know each other, but i intrest searched the devils panties, and you came up. so hi hi. motorbikes are cool. shiny!!
and thanks for the rainging 300 men thing. they're shiny to, but in a more oiled muscled way...

Greetings! I go through cycles where I post lots and then don't post anything for a while, just so you know...

You know, I started reading this and was trying to figure out whether this was a 24- or 27-speed bicycle, and why you'd want to have to mash the pedals that hard.



Ooooh, cool. Just before the snow.