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Ys [userpic]

I'm buying another house.

5372 square feet.

No, we're not selling our current one yet. (Though we will before too long here.)

We got the financial go-ahead on Monday evening and we've already found one and had our initial offer accepted. Lots of hoops to jump through still, but it looks pretty positive.


Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

over five THOUSAND square feet?

damn, I wish I had married a business man, then *I* could have nice things.

Apparently my credit rating is just short of godlike and I do have quite a lot of income. My financial advisor said we could qualify for $500k and still keep our existing house, though we probably wouldn't want to do quite that much. This was a good bit less than that.

My base salary just finally got back up into six figures this year, and my bonus target is 18%. Plus fenton's income, we hit around $200k/yr or so.

Between the two of us we're about up to what I was making at the peak of the tech bubble by myself.

You're in finance?

Nope, I'm a senior tech geek. Programmer/architect/technical manager. Have been a tech executive in the past, right now I'm working for a Major Telecom as a senior technical jack-of-all-trades.

Wow, that makes me feel even worse ;) I'm a senior tech geek, but I do infrastructure, WAN, and some technical management. I knew I should have gone in to programming.

I do have 22 years of professional programming-type experience, including two different VP titles and a CTO title. I've really only been in six-figure land since the late nineties.

I always pegged you as younger than that.

Hey! You've bought yourself a Murkworks South! Roxx0r!

(Or have you? Where is it? What is it? URL! MUST HAVE URL TO HAUS HAUS HAUS!)

Wow, big house!

Wish I could find a house with that much room. I, too, am now searching for a house, and we are actually considering buying one, rather than renting one. Hopefully, in three years, when he comes up for orders again, we can sell it for more than we paid for it. *sigh* I just hate having to deal with this while not in the same state. We are going to have travel back and forth to find something to live in, and we only have a month to work with.

Wow. That's a BIG house! Congratulations!

I miss having a geek/tech income *sigh*

Congratulations! :)


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

38th, in Applewood.


Except you'll be way far away.

*smack smack*

Still. Congratulations!

Not that far away.

And you never did log into YIM and see all the links I sent you today!

And you've not done a thing with the icon I made you. Not that I'm hurt or anything.


I've kinda been a little DISTRACTED.

Congratulations! Yet another person to whom my good luck over the past few months must've gone to. I swear, if I didn't know better I'd say Ilmater was looking down at me. In any case, whatever you do, don't overextend yourself too far.

OK, I'm poor. Really poor. I *still* live in a tiny apartment. My dream is to have a place big enough to hang a heavy bag in the basement. My other dream is to have a family to live with, and kids.

Those would be my domestic dreams. My non-domestic dreams are different: like to grow cool sideburns like my waiter the other night, or going into space.

If I could afford it, I'd get artistic black and white nude photo's taken of me. Just because, me nude, is really cool looking.

Sounds like a great house!


Wow! Congrats!