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Ys [userpic]

So, I grabbed a machine out of the rack downstairs and brought it up here so that I could fight with reimaging it and setting it up to be an externally-accesible machine here. I set it up under my desk and plugged it into my LCD's alternate input and have been working on it this morning while doing other things (it needs bursts of 5 minutes and then wait for a while).

I'm running a buildworld and I see this: -DTARGET_NAME="i386-undermydesk-freebsd"

I didn't do that. That's some default setting in the buildworld target settings in one of the components somewhere.

It amused me immensely to see that in a build on a machine that I really do have under my desk at the moment.

Current Mood: amusedamused

A real live desktop BSD user? You aren't part of the development team or hosting somekinda web service? Sorry, its a little like seeing a five leaf clover... you knew they existed but you never expect to actually run into one.

Actually that's really cool. You comment on one of my friends journals. Said friend is part of a group I knew a few relocations ago so I have a habit of checking the user info on people that comment to see if they are, perhaps someone else I might have met at the time. As it so happens, I don't know you. So I don't want to be a pest, but as a geek I was awfully amused to see someone casually mention 'buildworld.'

Long live Beastie

Re: Wow

I've been a BSD bigot for a very long time, though I have recently come to begrudgingly like Ubuntu. But I disliked some of the early choices in Linux and worked with BSD a lot before it was freely available, and I've used FreeBSD since 1.x (I think I still have a set of installation media for it, in fact, if I haven't yet gotten around to throwing that out). For a long time I was unreasonably hostile to Linux due to stuff that probably wasn't even true anymore...

However, the box I was building yesterday was, in fact, for webhosting. *grin* I am not a FreeBSD committer, though.

And you're not a pest, it amuses me. (Hrm, I have no BSD icon. Clearly I need one.)