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Ys [userpic]

I was going to go skiing today. The snow would've been awesome.

I just cancelled because I just don't feel mentally up to either skiing or snowboarding. So I'll just work instead.

I think this sums up my state of mind remarkably well. I must be hormonal or something again today.

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Current Mood: bitchybitchy

So...should I poke you and make you mad?

Nah, someone already did that by calling me a failure as a person elsethread today, because I don't have any interest in being a martyr, basically.

But I was just going to biff you and yell NEENER NEENER NEEENER before laughing madly and running away.

Today I think I'd just go 'eh' to that. So, you know, if you'd enjoy it, feel free.

Fine. I'm going to take my new knee socks. And my Barbies. And I'm going to go sulk under my bed.


Hey, if you don't want to play with my Faeries with me, that's okay.