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Ys [userpic]

I strongly recommend reading Stabbed In The Back!, an analysis of a myth perpetuated since WWI by right-wingers. It wraps up with an analysis of why the myth is failing now, or at least failing to serve the intended purpose — it's still causing many other harms.

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This is fascinating, but I can't buy into the "myth is failing" part. I feel too skeptical about people.

This guy's research fucking sucks and I have no idea what he's talking about. Erich Ludendorff was neither a noble nor a field marshall, we did fuck over Germany at Versailles and sell out Eastern Europe at Yalta, and what the fuck does Alger Hiss have to do with anything? I don't understand what he's getting at with the Vietnam thing (since multiple parties appear to believe they were stabbed in the back by multiple other parties, it doesn't really fit into whatever framework he's building up). There are a hundred other weirdnesses and inaccuracies in here, and they're not even working in a coherent fashion.

Essentially, what he's saying is that "people blame their political opponents for anything that goes wrong," which is not the stab-in-the-back myth -- it's just political reality. Trying to maintain the analogy through a hundred years of American politics just does not work. The myth deals with the intervention of malevolent outsiders -- even native German Jews and Bolsheviks were considered "foreigners" because they were believed to be loyal first to the Zionist or Communist world orders, and it was understood that any traitorous politicians were dancing on Jewish strings.

Charles is probably going to post a rebuttal at some point -- I'll link you to it if you want. He's frothing at the mouth, it's kind of hilarious.