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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]
No more Tae Kwon Do, for now.

I'd been trying to do TKD again for a little bit here, but every time I went to class I ended up hurting for days afterwards, and I was regularly going out to the car after class and just crying for a while.

I got up early this morning to go to class (it's at 7 am on Saturdays) and I realized I was only even trying to go because I was feeling guilty about wasting the money. I've actually reached the point where I really don't want to do Tae Kwon Do, and I never thought I'd say that. The thought makes me cry, but that doesn't change that it's true. I suppose I still want to want to.

But it's enough of a struggle physically that there's no way I can succeed with that mindset.

I'd like to find a lower-impact martial art, maybe. My TKD instructor is also working on becoming a Combat Hapkido instructor, which I may try to do, since that's a lot mellower. Hapkido is also pretty complementary to Tae Kwon Do (I did both in high school), so there's some chance for not giving up on TKD entirely forever there.

I like the idea of dragging my spice to Tai Chi but I've never found a good school nearby.

Current Mood: crushedcrying

I just want to say that I loved aikido to death while I was taking it, and I still have this fantasy of getting back into it. It is not tough on the body (for the most part; the reason I dropped out was because of strain on my system, but bear in mind I didn't know I was diabetic and I also didn't know I was having severe sleep apnea, so my system was pretty screwed at the time) and intellectually very cool, in my opinion. Anyway. Just a data point.

I had to give up ju jitsu because of this inner ear thing I have. I can't do a roll or flip without becoming seriously disoriented for about 30 seconds or so, so I'd get thrown, or do a roll doing warm-ups, and then WHAM! I'd be laying on the map, clinging to the floor so I didn't fly off. Ugh.

And it sucked, because that was the best, most useful, friendliest, most fun, most serious, most awesomeness class ever.

Oh, but the point to that was, my sympathies Ys.

I've been in the same position. The school was awesome, the instructor one of the best I've ever seen, but I just can't, physically, handle it. As a result, I had to give it up, before frustrating myself into hating TKD. I hope, one day, to get my knee strengthened enough and the rest of my body in good enough shape to return and continue.

I was going to recommend trying Tai Chi, but I see you already thought of that. :)

The only good Tai Chi school I know of is the Kung Fu school. But if TKD is that hard for you, Kung Fu would be too. Kent had an instructor, but that was at work. Hapkido? Meh. Yeah, you learn some cool stuff, but the spirituality part is completely missing. Please remember also that the combat hapkido school is rampant with heavy right wingers. I have a hard time biting my tongue in that class.

I wish I had a school I could direct you to that would be more mellow. Afraid I don't really know. But if you look for Tai Chi around here I'm sure you could find a decent school somewhere.