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Ys [userpic]

I turn three today.

(Yes, really.)

Current Mood: amusedcryptic

In what base ?

I'm at the stage where quoting my age in hex is cool. [ 21. ]

Base ten.

(Really, if it's just three? It's the same in any base higher than base four. And three doesn't exist in bases one, two and three.)

Nice guess, though.

Happy birthday!

Though the whole base thing is just an arbitrary convention, and I bet that if people counted their age in radians around a unit circle that you'd be nowhere *near* three in base circ-2pi. ^_^

Damn it, "I'm in ur base remodulating ur numbers" would have been much funnier.

That said, by normal reckoning I'm 24 in hex. But that's 'years since I was removed from my mother's uterus' rather than the three I'm talking about in the post. *grin*

Not that cryptic (well, for some of us, anyway)

Happy 3!

YAY 3!

*dances the dance of threeness*

happy Birthday.

Wow, time flies!


I want cake.

Your way of being born again is WAY more fun. Happy Rebirthday. =]


ooh, good answer. i want torquemada's answer. me too.

Congratulations! It's hard to believe it's already been three years...


If it's what I think it is, Happy Three and many many many happy more!

Happy third anniversary of your non-belly button.

Congratulations! (^_^)

...I see what you did there.

Belated Happy Birthday!

Well, a very belated Happy Happy Birthday :-)