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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

I was caught up in an insurrection of sorts. Mostly in the 'picked up a weapon and started shooting at the cop-equivalents to keep from being shot myself' sense. We've been watching Dark Angel lately, so there was a lot of that sort of dark, gritty imagery. Relatively high-tech personal weaponry, though.

We were nominally human, but the grips on the weapons looked like nothing I've ever seen, and wouldn't have been comfortable to the human hand. But they fit in mine just fine, and I never thought to look at my hands.

Before long, I'm on a mission with a small group of people, including this kid who's one of the leaders of the insurgency. Turns out his dad was some high-up enforcer type, chief of police or something like that. So he was getting intel from his dad without his dad realizing it.

Only, we get there and after taking out some mooks, his dad is there. There was this moment where it seemed like everything froze, and it was just the two of them, and his dad looked so sad...and then shot him.

And the universe collapsed. Rebooted. Tossed me out and I watched the rest from a semi-omniscent (but impotent) third-person perspective.

Over and over the universe kept coming back to that father and that son. Every time the father killed the son. Every time the universe collapsed when he did. Many times no one I was watching looked even vaguely human. Sometimes the father was the insurgency leader, and the son the establishment power. Over and over.

Then it started getting very familiar.

The last few times, I was watching Star Wars, only not quite. Not quite the same characters, but close. Not quite human, but close. Vader-equivalent kills Luke-equivalent. The universe collapses again.

Last time through? I'm watching Return of the Jedi. With the expected ending. And the universe doesn't collapse or reboot.

Then I woke up.

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

You should write about your dreams more often; I really enjoy reading about them.


(It would explain the bizzare weaponry I have in my dreams too, maybe. Mmm, cyborg parts.)

This is me, just sittin' over here in the corner, not sayin' nothin'.

(Does this have anything to do with Vad allegedly having left his wife?)

I wondered when you'd comment. *grin*

Vad allegedly having left his wife

Here and now?

Rumor has it.

Yah. I heard from noblessa who heard it from tessercat who evidently had a brief conversation with said wife. But given it's information times-four removed, it's stil classifed as "rumor" until I talk to either the principals or someone only once-removed from them.

If there is truth to it, though, I'm curious as to what went down; I would've figured they had a shot at the long haul.

Re: Rumor has it.

I'm curious as to what went down; I would've figured they had a shot at the long haul.

Me too. Clearly I should call around.

I think your subconscious is hitting you over the head with a two by four, for some reason.

Yeah, but what's it trying to tell me?

I would suspect either parent, or another authority figure relationship issues, or relationship issues with a father-figure. Male? Ummmm. I'm pulling these outta my ass...