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Ys [userpic]

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I went to http://www.sharesenseo.com/ and I got my free Senseo yesterday. (It's pretty obvious from reading the survey what they're looking for, though frankly I'm already an extrovert who likes to talk about gadgets, which is pretty much what they want.)

Anyway, it's a cool little device. From reading about it on the web and my own experience, I think I want a reusable coffee pod or pod holder, so I'm going to look at that -- the pods tend to be stale and thus bitter to my palette.

I'll talk more about it once I've found one of those. But thought I'd fulfill my "hey, talk about it!" duties and get to say, "Hey, free neato gadget!" in the same post. *grin*

ETA: Changed the URL, try that instead.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

My wife got a Senseo free from another survey thinger a few months ago and she absolutely -loves- it. I don't drink coffee, but for me its convenient on an occasional cool morning to heat up water for my hot cocoa, so I don't have to power up the gas stove, saves a few btus that were otherwise going to be consumed by the pilot light, so what the hey, eh?

The machine came with its own pods to begin with, she's been (ok, she doesn't grocery shop much I -work- in a grocery store so I've been the one doing the purchasing) using pods from other manufacturers (Maxwell House, Javana One) and not saying that there's any much difference in the quality of the coffee in the pods. She even went so far as to get a 'perma-pod' contraption at Wally World that simulates a pod with regular ground coffee, though she said it doesn't work the same as a real pod, there's something missing in the transference and on top of that (omg) there's no foam. Apparently that makes a difference *shrug*.