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Ys [userpic]

Tae Kwon Do makes it very clear just how not in shape I am. Just trying to get through class without passing out and falling over, or having my muscles give out and falling over, is damn hard.

And I must seem like I'm in much better shape than I am. My instructor is always surprised by my limits, I think. Especially since I tend to just bull through them until I hurt myself. I managed not to hurt myself on Saturday, and today I only really injured something once, so I'm getting a little better about that.

He was really surprised tonight when I told him that I could manage three, maybe four pushups. That I can do knuckle or fingertip pushups just fine, in the sense that I find them no harder for as long as I can manage...but regardless of flat hands, fingertips or knuckles, if I'm not cheating and I'm doing them right, then after about four I can't lift my body again. I dunno, to me it's obvious on looking at me that I have no upper body strength, that it's all in my legs, but maybe that's because I just know me.

I'm also having real trouble with the cardio. Doing combinations across the room leaves my heart pounding full speed, blood pounding in my head, and I can barely breathe...and then we do another set, and another, and another, and by the end of it I feel like my head's going to explode from the pounding, and that's with reasonably good deep breathing in between sets.

On the bright side, the exercises I've been doing to work on the abs are helping, as far as I can tell. I still can't do an actual jump kick for crap, but the jumping exercise I'm doing, I'm managing to get about twice as high now as when I first started doing it, so that's good progress. And I am getting kicks that feel really good/right, I'm just fatiguing so fast that I don't get very many before they all feel like they suck.

Current Mood: sickold
Current Music: Why Yes, I Would Like Cheese With That

You can do it Ys! Don't hurt yourself by bulling through too much, but do push yourself and it'll get easier eventually, I'm sure! They say you don't know your limits until you surpass them. You can do this!

*cue cheering section*


Just take it slow. I'm sure you're doing great. Soon, a class won't feel like anything.