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Ys [userpic]

Can I just say that this was pretty much my first thought too?

Current Mood: discontentdisgusted but unsurprised

Republican or Democrat, there's so much hatred being tossed Bush's way that doesn't seem to be completely deserved. It very much just seems to be the popular thing to do. In political discussions at work I try not to participate since when people find out i'm not a Democrat they just start bitching. I try very much to stay out of them on LJ as well, but sometimes it seems like a fun thing to do :) *yawn* But now it's time for bed.

You'll notice I didn't say anything about Bush. I mentioned "Bushco", by which I mean the folks around him, not Bush himself. And I specifically pointed out that the current round of BS is more Blair than Bush anyway…

I think Bush is incompetant and (mostly) a figurehead. I think he's a vicious asshole as a person, but that's less relevant. I don't want to encourage people to focus on Bush when that lets the real culprits off.