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Ys [userpic]
By the way...

...Wal-mart won't print nudie pictures. But they will develop the negatives and give you the CD-only version.

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is my brother still using the lightbearer.com address? I sent him a message there a few days ago and have not heard back, so I just wanted to make sure he hasn't switched addresses since however many years ago I last emailed him. It's sort of an important message, since it involves financial planning.

Re: Off-topic

He is. I'll poke at him to check for it.

I dunno what's more out of the ordinary .. that you're not using a digital for that sort of thing or that WalMart apparently thinks Skin Is Sin when on film. Must be something with the light burning onto chemical-coated plastic? Something about that whole 'light bearer' thing. :)


I should be in bed. :)

I would need a 9+ MP camera to get high enough resolution for the project I'm doing. I need a 9" x 12" print at 300 dpi. There are 12 MP digitals out there, but on a relatively careful look, it appears that they cost around $200/day to rent.

Thus, film.

I have super spiffy photoshop actions that can uprez a 6MP image to 22 without any sort of distortion. Also, in CS2 if you shoot RAW you can up sample from 6 to 22 MP with no distortion in the raw converter. I've seen people get amazing 20x30 prints from a 6 megapixel camera. It can be done :).

I'd be willing to PS 'em for ya, if you want.

they will also do it if you mail them in their 24 hour box.

Walgreens will do them in their 1 hour photo. ^_^

I'm just shocked you give custom to Wal-Mart!

i.e.: the photo desk clerks keep the prints in such cases