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Interview questions from teraflops

1) How difficult was it for you to adjust to having multiple spouses?

Hrm. I didn't find that I needed to adjust to having multiple spouses; having only one spouse always seemed a little odd, when I was in that sort of a situation. Then again, I've been practicing poly in one form or another for a long time...

2) What direction is your ambition taking you, these days? Work? Family? Adventure? None of the above?

Right now, my biggest ambition is to get enough sleep. *grin* However, that's a really transient thing. Mostly, I'm trying to find ways to make my spouses' lives better, to enjoy the bits of play I have time to do (yay motorcycle!) and to get ready for having sprogs sometime soon. Work is mostly just a way to have income at the moment (though I do care a lot about what I do), and I'm not pursuing all that much in the way of adventure right this second, though that'll come back around again, I'm sure.

I'd really like to manage to get the house under control again sometime soon, too.

3) What's your development laguage of choice?

C++ is going to stay my favorite for a while yet, though I've not done much in it for several years now. I like both python and ruby for their own reasons, and would do a lot more in either or both if I had reason to. I've been working in C# for work a lot lately and rather enjoying it, it's a nice language with some nice features (though I really really want to get us moved into .NET 2.0 — generics are a huge win, among other things).

4) What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?

Oh, probably still senior technical stuff, workwise. Hopefully well into raising several kids. Fretting about them turning into teenagers soon. *grin*

I wouldn't mind picking up another male spouse-type person at some point, but I'm also not actively looking for that, either.

5) What's your biggest personal improvement goal right now?

Getting rid of some of our consumer debt, and restructuring our household finances a bit. Cleaning up the house is a close second.

Thanks, these were cool questions!

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