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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

So I regularly commute with my husband Joel (fenton). I was realizing this morning how damaging to our relationship this can be.

I am a morning person. I tend to be bright and cheerful, possibly even annoyingly so, in the mornings. Joel is very much not a morning person. He's at his most grumpiest first thing in the morning.

So every weekday morning, I spend about two hours (pre-commute time and then commute time) when I am at my most cheery and annoying and he is at his most grumpy/annoyable in close quarters with him. I often squelch myself during that time, which colors my whole day.

Then, when going home in the late afternoon/early evening, he's at his most talkative/friendly, and I'm generally exhausted and grumpy, and we spend another hour or so in close quarters with each other.

One or the other or both of us often read while on the train, for example, but at least to me that often feels like it's necessary to hide from the other one.

I'm thinkin' maybe this isn't the best thing for our relationship overall. It means that during the week the majority of my interaction with Joel (and his with me) is at best neutral and at worst downright negative.

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