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Ys [userpic]

So this evening, I took Pirates* out of the DVD player so that I could put in Robots.

Just sayin'.

* of the Caribbean

Current Mood: amusedamused

Robots of the Caribbean?

... wouldn't they get, you know, rusted?


what about the Ninjas?? :)

Didn't have any Ninjas last night. Clearly I need to find some with which to follow up, though!

I don't understand why anybody would do such a thing.

Indeed! Pirates are way better than robots, ninjas or cowboys.

Especially in this case, because Robots was an exceedingly bad movie.

Largely because I have seen Pirates at least five times, and had not seen Robots before. And actually, I rather enjoyed Robots, even if it was not anywhere near as good a movie as Pirates.

There were moments of entertainment (and, IIRC, one or two genuine laugh-out-louds), and the CGI was pretty, but the whole thing just seemed too by-the-numbers to me. You could tell who was good and who was evil by whether they were pointy or rounded. Things just trailed by the camera once or twice, establishing themselves with a sort of movie shorthand, without actually developing character or maintaining interest. Like the sassy younger sister down-to-earth love interest who was in about two scenes. You knew who and what she was because she was exactly what she looked like, filling exactly the role that you expected. Most of these things could be established by watching the trailers.

And I know it was a kids' movie but I was disappointed they never touched on the development of the world - where did these robots come from? I saw the hints of a post-apocalyptic future where, as in Futurama, the robots had begun designing themselves, fulfilling niche roles that wouldn't have existed unless the humans that had occupied them earlier had died out suddenly and unexpectedly.

Plus, of course, the whole thing about the hero (whose name I actually can't remember ... Rodney?) creating life. Nobody was remotely excited about this. Apparently in the normal course of things you need a man-bot and a woman-bot to create a tiny baby-bot, but this boy was just creating life. More specifically, creating tiny stupid hard-working cheap labour to put people out of jobs. He threw together something in his garage that can fly, move at enhanced speeds and is apparently sentient, or at least semi-aware, like a sort of super-puppy or something.

It just seemed poorly thought-out to me. But hey, different strokes for different folks. ;)

I don't think I disagree with any of your assessments. I just didn't find any of them reasons I couldn't enjoy the movie, I suppose.

Robots or pirates?

Kaiju or ninja?