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Ys [userpic]
The reason I love having IM

Working on a very intense task, and murnkay logs into IM.

ysabel: Hey you
ysabel: You over there
murnkay: Me?
ysabel: What do you think you're doing?
murnkay: Fucking this sheep
ysabel: Don't you know this is a restricted area?
murnkay: Is it?
ysabel: You have to take that sheep over there, if you want to do that.
ysabel: This is a no sheep fucking zone.
murnkay: Oh sorry

And I go back to beating my head against dynamic UserControls and ViewState with a smile on my face.

Current Mood: sillysilly

That deserves this icon!

So like... Taekwondo anytime soon?

And tell Bill I said "Hi"

Yeah, um, that.

I might actually be up to it again, I don't know for sure. Crown this week which should take care of the remnants of the jaw crap, and then maybe if I can just get back into some vague form of shape from having been unable to do much in the way of any sort of exercise for a year now...

Yeah, I know, whine whine whine.