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Ys [userpic]
Dream lessons from this morning.

Apparently, universe-hopping while wearing your cross-gendered prom clothes (though I did look remarkably dashing in the tux) will piss off both of your prom dates, though likely for different reasons. I'm thinkin' the big poofy dresses have to be terribly awkward when trying to deal with interdimensional travel, or something.

No, I have no idea where that came from.

Current Mood: amusedbemused

I've always wanted a tux.

You would both look smashing in Tuxes. And I can't see tessercat in a big poofy dress. She's more the slinky type.

I've been in big poofy dresses before, which are an affront to nature (at least my nature)

Like I said. You in a poofy dress just makes me think of Jamie Lee Curtis in 'True Lies', when she's wearing a frilly dress and tears off all the frills and - TahDah - suddenly it's a slinky dress and the universe makes sense again.

I'm going to guess Utena. The Utena movie still makes my brain hurt and I haven't seen it in five years.