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Ys [userpic]

So I had an amusing realization this evening.

If and when we get around to having kids (yes, we want to at some point, just not sure when)...they'll almost certainly be legally and biologically Joel's and Amy's kids. Especially since Joel and Amy are legally married.

This means my legal standing is pretty much "none" unless we do something specific to try to change that, and I was realizing that naming me the children's godmother gives me a nice clear legal role with known precendents.

Only, that'd make me their fairy godmother...

Current Mood: amusedamused

My girlfriend in Baton Rouge is "daddy" and somehow-I have no idea how this happened has full parental rights to her 4 your old. She was with a woman who was pregnant. They are no longer together. But she has the child 5 out of 7 days. It was very weird to have her child run out froma montessori type school yelling daddy! daddy! And the look of shock on the teachers faces. It was worth every second of it.

*blink* Godparents have legal standing? I didn't think so....I thought god parents were a christian religious position - if something happens to the parents the godparents are responsible for the spiritual upbringing of the child. However - there is another position - guardian maybe - that you can establish in a will. Those people are responsible for the actual raising of a child.

Alas, avon is right: if you want godparents to have legal standing, you have to write it into a will with the addition of a "guardian" or "visitation rights" position.

What it does have is social standing without a lot of explanation. "You're the kid's godparent? Okay then!" And on you go.

their fairy godmother...

i'm going to be chuckling over this for days,..;)

good thinking,..:)


Don't do that when I'm drinking coffee!!!

(Too bad it's unlikely that we'd be in the same area if such a thing were to come to pass. I might not want to be a parent, but being an auntie suits well. Ah well, it'd just be an excuse to visit more often!)


Oh wow. That's so weird. God I wish this society wasn't so freakin back in the stone age.

I'm jealous though. I want 3 parents. ^__^

Be sure to paint the kids' room with a pumpkin motif.

I think it's awesome. I want a real honest to god, fairy godmother. Pretty please? :) Anyway, on a serious note, one way to cover all bases in a legal manner is to have a POA written up with no expiration date on it, stating that you are, in fact, considered a guardian of the child(ren), and able to make decisions concerning said child, in the event neither Amy or Joel are able to. And have your name added to any and all documents such as childcare forms, etc, when that time comes, so that you are able to do things as the child's other parents are able to do. It's a bit to do, but, it is possible. There are all manner of things that make you a valid and legal caretaker of a child of two, in a relationship where there are three.